Grey’s Anatomy

I realize I am several years behind, but I am about to finish Season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy. Yay! I’ve never been a big TV watcher (I haven’t even had a TV since high school), but Netflix online instant streaming sure does suck you in. There are no commercial breaks, and each episode (and entire season) is just one click away. Oh boy…

On that note, grey’s (the color) anatomy! It’s amazing how you can love a grey, and then hold it up to another color and all the sudden your grey looks green…or blue, or purple, or yellow: a color anything but the “neutral” grey you were hoping for. Grey is a mixture of two complimentary colors, so, obviously, if you’re leaning too far to one end of the spectrum, you lose the neutrality and lean either too warm or too cool.

Since there are so many greys out there (an infinite amount to be exact), it’s important to sample several colors in the space before your purchase a couple gallons. Don’t rely on the paper swatches at the store. Trust me. I usually start by flagging several colors I like on a paint fan deck. I then compare them to my fabrics, narrow down my selections to two or three, then buy paint samples for each color. I paint a large area (no smaller than 2×2′) of the wall next to the trim. IMPORTANT: View the colors in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Natural and artificial lights play a huge role in the transformation of color, so it’s important to see how the colors change throughout the day. Next step? Pick your color! (And then, of course, paint your walls, and enjoy!)

Here are some of my favorite greys out there…

Smoke Embers by Benjamin Moore
Gray Matters by Sherwin Williams
Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore
Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore
Dovetail by Sherwin Williams
Amherst Gray by Benjamin Moore

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