40 Days of Water: OVER!

You may have read on this post that I gave up all beverages except water for 40 days as a part of blood: water mission‘s Forty Days of Water campaign. Well today ends the 40 days, and I am enjoying it with stove-top espresso! Instead of drinking coffee, juice, soda, beer, and all the other beverages I love, I drank only water for 40 days and donated the money I would’ve spent on drinks to blood: water mission who assists in bringing clean drinking water to our neighbors in Africa. I donated a total of $260 and now have a new found love for water (which has never been my beverage of choice).

Like any challenge or change we face in life, it was a hard battle at first, but, eventually, I evolved and grew, and then, it wasn’t so bad. In fact, I truly feel it left me better…

Did you participate in Forty Days of Water, lent, or any other fast? How did it go?

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