By Rachel Freeman

like it // love it:
Miles Desk Lamp by Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co

I’m introducing a new feature on the blog today: like it // love it! You know when you find a lamp, a piece of art, or a dress you like, but it’s out of reach, because it’s either only available to the trade, or it’s too expensive? Well, with like it // love it, I’ll help you find a similar item you will love even more than the original, because it’s accessible and less expensive.

To start us off, we have the Miles Desk Lamp by Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co, which we like at $275, and its lookalike the Threshold Gold Take Lamp by Target, which we love at only $49.99!

like it love it

A couple of things to keep in mind with like it // love it:

  1. “You get what you pay for.” I will only select pieces I feel confident recommending, but, remember, with a lower price point often comes lesser quality. Both featured pieces are fabulous, so determine for yourself which is more important: quality or aesthetic (or both!).
  2. While I think it’s wrong to steal someone else’s design, I also believe we are creatively inspired and influenced by everything around us. I dare to say, nothing is original but rather everything is a result of something else. Newton’s law of conservation states that energy/matter cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed. (If you don’t already know, I am a science and word nerd.) So, yes, these posts will expose the copycats, but they will also honor the “originators.”

Hope you enjoy this new feature! Let me know if you have an item that needs a less expensive alternative.


In the Kitchen: Skillet Pizza

It’s Friday aka Pizza Night. Actually, let’s be real. Every night is pizza night. Try this yummy Skillet Pizza recipe I found on Wit & Delight adapted from Bread in 5. Nom nom nom.


Skillet Pizza

Bread in 5′s Olive Oil Dough
4-6 slices heirloom tomatoes
6-8 slices fresh mozzarella cheese
6-8 basil leaves

*You will have more dough than you need, but the dough keeps for 2 weeks in the fridge, or can be used for other baked goods (their site has lots of recipes). Your favorite pizza dough should work, too. Another topping combination: pear, sausage, and thyme (pictured below). If you use a larger cast iron skillet, you will need more dough (about 6 ounces for a 10-inch pan, and 8 ounces for a 12-inch pan).

Start by heating an 8-inch cast iron skillet over medium heat on the stovetop. Cut off a quarter-pound piece of dough (4 ounces) and shape it into a ball. Flatten the dough, and then roll it into a 1/8-inch thick round. Carefully transfer the dough to the preheated pan, and quickly spread the tomatoes over the dough, then evenly scatter the mozzarella cheese. Cover the skillet and cook for about 4 minutes without lifting the lid (unless, of course, you smell scorching). Using a spatula, gently lift up a corner of the pizza to check on the bottom crust. When your bottom crust is browned to your liking, remove the lid, turn on the broiler, and toast the pizza for 1-2  minutes under the broiler to get a crisp top crust. Remove the skillet from the oven, then take the pizza out of the pan with a spatula. Allow the pizza to cool slightly on a wire cooling rack. Top with the basil. Cut into wedges and serve.



Thanks Sarah of The Vanilla Bean Blog and Wit & Delight for the recipe!

Get cookin’,

Get the Look: Craftsman Office

I love the simplicity and rustic nature of this workspace vignette. I can picture a large window overlooking a lush forest or a lake in the woods. So many warm tones in one place…and yet, it works! The wood against the industrial metal and brass accents is what surprisingly makes this room feel soft. The natural textures in the jute rug and woven basket also bring elements to soften the space. I could get some work done in this craftsman office for sure. It makes me wanna find a cabin in the woods and paint, read, and write for a few days. What about you?

Here’s how to get a craftsman office of your own:


1. Pure White Ceramic Vases by West Elm / 2. Textured Mercury Vases by West Elm / 3. 20th C. Torpedo Task Table Lamp in Vintage Brass by Restoration Hardware  / 4. 1950s French Factory Shelving by Restoration Hardware / 5. Cylindrical Column Table Lamp in Vintage Brass by Restoration Hardware  / 6. Emlyn Basket by Crate&Barrel  / 7. Marco 58″ Desk by Crate&Barrel / 8. Threshold Gold Accent Table by Target / 9. Jute Boucle Rug in Flax by West Elm / 10. Nakashima Straight-Backed Chair in Walnut by Design Within Reach

Work hard, stay humble,