By Rachel Freeman

Craigslist Finds: Pensacola, Florida

“Pensacola, Pensacola, Pensacola!” When I worked at Columbia University my coworkers would tease me with this phrase. Apparently, I talked about my hometown often. I haven’t lived in Pensacola in over 11 years, but I still have an 850 phone number, and my personal email includes “GCFL,” which stands for “Gulf Coast for Life.” I am one of the few that didn’t move back after college (many never left in the first place) – which I am completely happy with, because I love experiencing new places – but, man!, I sure do miss that small, beach town and the wonderful people who live in it. If you’ve never been, you should make a trip. The white sand beaches alone are worth the visit. Contact me if you need some suggestions of things to do or places to eat.

Although I’m not in Pensacola, and I can’t get there anytime soon, I figured why not troll Craigslist and act like I am there?! I also thought my friends in Pensacola may want some love and suggestions on pieces they should snag. This one is for you Gulf Coasters!

chair and table

Bamboo Chair – $40. Sold. (Not really.) Keep in natural or paint it black. Add a sheep’s skin, and BAM! It is awesome.

Mid-Century MOD End Tables – $175/pair. Add personality and color to your space with this duo. These would be great in an eclectic space or modern beach home.


Vintage Florida Cypress Gardens Water Skis – $75. Yes. These are great for adding a vintage touch to your home. Maybe for a boys room or in the living room? Hang stacked horizontally after giving these guys a good bath.

tufted chair

Antique Tufted Chair – $50. It’s obvious why this chair is only $50. The fabric is hideous. Can it maybe be OK if reupholstered in a regal blue velvet? I mean the shape is interesting, and the sheen of the velvet my show those curves off in just the right ways.


Thrive “Taylor” Mid-Century Modern Sofa – $1,800. Custom-made, mid-century modern sofa! A lovely piece. A bit pricy, but Thrive is a great company that makes great furniture. Please click on this link just so you can see the lamp in the third picture. I DIED. I mean, come on. It’s a bit weird, right?!

I will admit, folks, it was HARD finding worthy pieces on Craigslist Pensacola! I KNOW people in Pensacola have taste, ya’ll. Maybe they own the fab pieces and aren’t willing to give up the goods. Oh well! Hope you like the above items I found.


Like It // Love It:
Terrace Bar Cart by West Elm

Looking for the perfect bar cart? Look no further! West Elm has the Terrace Bar Cart by West Elm for $399…or…you can get the very similar Threshold™ Bar Cart by Target for less than half the price ($129.99). The West Elm cart has glass shelves for a glam deco vibe, and the Target cart has wood shelves for more of a mid-century look.

You can use a bar cart not only as a cocktail station but also as a side table, entry table, kitchen cart, music center, plant stand, and SO many other things. Check out Victoria’s (sfgirlbybay) One Cart, Three Ways post to find out other uses and to learn how to style your cart.


Happy hosting (and toasting!)!


5 Decorating Tips for your Living Room

A little bit of furniture rearranging and a couple additions can take your living room to the next level. Below are my 5 decorating tips for your living room that can help breathe new life into your home. Small changes can make a big impact!

furniture center

1. This is, by far, the piece of decorating advice I give most often: Move your furniture away from the walls and to the center of the room. People think if they move their furniture to the room’s outer rim, they will have more space. The fact is, you room’s size will not change, and the amount of space your furniture takes up will not change. They are fixed dimensions. On the other hand, when you move your furniture to the room’s center, you create a cozy, intimate area, making better use out of the room’s available space.


2. Rugs add warmth and texture to a room, and they are probably the most important piece for grounding a space. A rug is the glue that binds all other furniture pieces in a room together. Your rug should be large enough to fit your entire sofa and chairs on top or at least the front legs of each piece. You want a central island not individual pieces floating away from each other in space.


3. In larger rooms or long and narrow rooms, you can create multi-purpose areas within the space by placing a console table, desk, or bookcase behind the sofa. This can separate living and dining areas, living and office spaces, or two sitting areas. The piece you choose can also add color, texture, and storage.


4. Hang your curtains all the way to the ceiling (or just below the crown molding) to make your room feel bigger and more open. This trick is particularly effective if you have low ceilings, but it is a designer-must for any space. Your curtain rod should extend about 4 inches outside of the window casing on each side to ensure a proper framing of the window and allow the maximum amount of natural light to enter the room when the curtains are open. As for the length of the curtains, it should match your ceiling height or distance from the floor to the bottom of the crown molding. (If your ceilings are 9 feet with no crown molding, your curtains should be 108 inches in length.) This measurement will allow the curtains to hit the floor with a classic pant break.


5. You can never have enough plants. Put one in every room of your house (including the bathroom, but you can skip the closet). They will filter the air and make you smile from sun up to sun down (and into the night, but they do, typically, really like the sun!). Don’t get fake ones. It is not only tacky but also pointless. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there is a plant out there for you. Visit your local nursery, and they will help you out!

Happy nesting, folks! I hope these 5 decorating tips for your living room help you out!

Photos: Acoustic Garden // Lonny Magazine // Home of Susanna Rutzou // Heather Garrett Interior Design // The Brick House