By Rachel Freeman

Trend: Indigo, White, & Brass

I am in love with mixing indigo, white and brass, with the occasional bit of pink and camel! Indigo and brass are, no doubt, the trend to follow these days, and I am so thankful for it. I have two clients who are loving the trend just as much as I am, which makes my job super fun! When I need some design inspiration, I turn to the queens of indigo and brass: Emily Henderson, Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors, and Jamie Meares of Furbish and i suwannee. Enjoy the inspiration!


Emily Henderson



 Amber Interiors




“I can walk on walls.”

When I was young, I remember my oldest brother, Erik, and his best friend, Kenny, made a martial art home video. They made it like a foreign film where the words being said didn’t match up with the mouth movements. It was hilarious. The most memorable scene (yes, there were several scenes…) was when they turned the camera to make the floor seem like the wall, so it appeared as if they were walking on walls. “I can walk on walls” (said In an Chinese accent). Oh my! Believe it or not, my other brother and I made a sequel years later…

Reeling it in, folks. Rugs on walls. Rugs tend to be pricey, and sometimes they are just to pretty to walk on! Why not use them as a piece of wall art?! Let’s start walking on more walls.


1. Armadillo&Co. rug as a headboard via Eco Chic / 2. A beautiful vignette by Urban Outfitters / 3. This Magical Thinking Woven Leather Rug by Urban Outfitters is only $29! / 4. How to hang a rug on a wall by Makely featuring this IKEA rug.


My Target Favorites


I walked into to Target the other day, and I thought, ” I should totally work here to get a discount on home goods!” I mean, I secretly wish I had an associate discount everywhere. I know. It’s selfish of me. Bah! But seriously, Target keeps impressing me with their insane home products. They keep getting better and better. Here are some of my current favorites…

Mudhut™ Global Chindi Toss Pillow – Neon Pink Threshold Ceramic Hanging Planter (You can’t really tell in the photo, but this is gold dipped ya’ll!) / Modern Floor Lamp on Marble Base / Surya Table Lamp / Threshold 5″ Ceramic Asymmetrical Dipped Planter Cream (This little guy comes in multiple sizes and colors.) / Nate Berkus™ Fringed Wall Art – 15×20″ (Sure to sell out fast!) / Nate Berkus™ Globe Light / Nate Berkus™ Geo Pattern Resin Tray (Such a beauty in person.)

 What are your current faves from Target?

Happy shopping!