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Artist Spotlight: Camille Walala


BOOM! ZAP! BANG! I am loving the graphic art of Camille Walala! It is so electrifying! Camille studied Textile Design at the University of Brighton. “Her signature Tribal POP style presents a boundless energy that works perfectly for show-stopping and social spaces – “the bigger the better”.” I like her work on the interiors and exteriors of buildings, but Camille also has work plastered on coffee mugs, clothing, and accessories, which are equally fabulous. I want an iPhone case personally.


Not only is her work visually inspiring, Camille incorporate positive messages like “Play More,” “Living the Dream,” and “Smile Often.”


This is a “simpler” exterior installation, and I love it! It is still so graphic and highly effective!


There she is again! Camille Walala living the dream, folks!

Happy Monday!

Color Trend: Blue Stone

Do you guys remember learning about complimentary colors in Kindergarten? I do! Finger paints and art projects to experiment with color! Colors opposite on the color wheel work so magically together, don’t you think?! This Fall, let’s take our elementary color skills and create masterful color palettes! Beautiful, cool tones against the lovely, warm colors of Fall (orange pumpkins, yellow leaves, and red berries!) are sure to make a statement! I’m calling out this season’s color trend: Blue Stone for the win!


I’m in love with this gorgeous painting! I want to recreate it so badly. It is a perfect example of the impact that complimentary colors can have. Those blue beetles on a blue background wouldn’t be nearly as exciting without the gorgeous gold accents to complete the pattern. The artwork is by Kate Roebuck, Gold Leaf Hercules Beetle.


Blue stone in your home, blue stone on your bod! Loving this blue chair and the artwork in this neutral room: Nob Hill Pied-à-Terre by Leverone Design, and the outfit above was actually my inspiration for this Fall color trend. I would DIE for that coat!

I work for west elm, so of course I gotta brag about the beautiful new blue pillows we recently introduced! So gorgeous! Pictured are the Ruffle Ribbon Pillow CoverBristol Trellis Pillow CoverOmbre Velvet Pillow Cover, and Studded Velvet Pillow Cover.

Are you liking this Blue Stone color trend for Fall?


Affordable Art Resources

An easy way to spice up your space is by adding fresh art to your walls. I’ve put together a round-up of my favorite go-to resources for affordable art. In the spotlight are west elm, Society6, and Etsy.

west elm

West elm has a wide range of art…all fabulous. The above Minted for west elmStaredown piece, which measures 40″w x 30″l, is only $249. Large photo prints are extremely popular right now, and for under $250 (framed!), this pieces is a steal!

The four Clinton Friedman pieces are quite possibly my favorites from west elm! They’ve been around for years, but, by no means, are they “old.” With great color and interesting compositions, these will hopefully be around for many more years to come (at least until I can purchase the set!)!


Society6. If you want to make a gallery wall in your home, shop Society6. There are thousands of prints of all sizes and styles at extremely affordable prices. The prints pictured above are all $18 or under. Order several prints, purchase IKEA’s readymade frames, and go art happy!

Octopus / Bubblegum Jane / My Favorite Shape / Hello Beautiful – Polka Dots / Palm Trees


Who doesn’t love Etsy? You can find anything from vintage artwork to wooden sculptures to screen prints to paintings to pottery…you get the picture. And, that’s just in the “Art” category. Prices range greatly, some are a bit expensive, but you can find thousands of unique pieces at an affordable price.

but first coffee print by Handsome Craft available in several sizes starting at $16 / Abstract painting giclee print by LoloDonaghue. 36″ square for $200. Smaller sizes available. / Florida State wood cut print by Pear Collective. $14-$24.

What are your go-to resources for artwork?