From The Weekend

The Weekend

Hope you all have a fun weekend! I am glad it’s FRIDAY!

A few tink makes art posts from the week…

Durham, you have A LOT going on this weekend! Don’t miss out on the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, the Triangle Modernist Houses Tour, and The Carolina Pork Experiment sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery.

Illustration by Dallas Shaw

Happy adventurous weekend!

For some people adventurousĀ  means jumping off a cliff with a parachute on their back. For others, it could be stepping outside the house and chatting with a neighbor. Our adventurous spirits range, but it’s important for each of us to keep challenging ourselves in order to continuously learn and grow. So, this weekend, be adventurous!

On tink makes art this week, and other tidbits from around the web:
For the Locals:

Photo by Nicholas Routzen via oh, hello friend

The Weekend

Who are those little guys and gals? Well, those are my new CHICKENS! Not all of them, but three of them! This weekend, I’m constructing their new home in my backyard. I CAN’T WAIT! I’ll also be finishing up the book editing I’ve been working on for about two weeks now (Yes, I am STILL not done!). Hopefully, it will be a productive and fairly enjoyable weekend.

What are your plans this weekend? Whatever you’re doing, HAVE FUN!

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