Color Trend: Blue Stone

Do you guys remember learning about complimentary colors in Kindergarten? I do! Finger paints and art projects to experiment with color! Colors opposite on the color wheel work so magically together, don’t you think?! This Fall, let’s take our elementary color skills and create masterful color palettes! Beautiful, cool tones against the lovely, warm colors of Fall (orange pumpkins, yellow leaves, and red berries!) are sure to make a statement! I’m calling out this season’s color trend: Blue Stone for the win!


I’m in love with this gorgeous painting! I want to recreate it so badly. It is a perfect example of the impact that complimentary colors can have. Those blue beetles on a blue background wouldn’t be nearly as exciting without the gorgeous gold accents to complete the pattern. The artwork is by Kate Roebuck, Gold Leaf Hercules Beetle.


Blue stone in your home, blue stone on your bod! Loving this blue chair and the artwork in this neutral room: Nob Hill Pied-à-Terre by Leverone Design, and the outfit above was actually my inspiration for this Fall color trend. I would DIE for that coat!

I work for west elm, so of course I gotta brag about the beautiful new blue pillows we recently introduced! So gorgeous! Pictured are the Ruffle Ribbon Pillow CoverBristol Trellis Pillow CoverOmbre Velvet Pillow Cover, and Studded Velvet Pillow Cover.

Are you liking this Blue Stone color trend for Fall?


Yay or Nay? PLAID.

Now that it’s Fall (and October 1!), plaid is everywhere. You can find plaid on throws, shirts, skirts, vests, bedding, chairs, and even plates. I love this, this, and this, but, no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to understand the love for this, this, or any of this. I guess it’s the traditional Scottish plaids I dislike (Sorry, Charles, and sorry, Scotland, you did not gain your independence from the U.K. I was rooting for you.). Scottish plaids always seem so dated to me. On the other hand, plaid shirts with a little added neon color or with a large print, I can do; and I love a soft, cozy plaid shirt on a cool night while camping. I just don’t think you will ever find me wearing a plaid scarf or a plaid pair of pants…

Here are some plaids I came across that I can kind of tolerate, although they’re still a stretch for me.




Chairs. Interior design by Emily Henderson.

plaid sofa

Sofa and Rug. Whoa. Photo via Vintage Luxe.

How about you? Yay or nay to plaid? Do you love it or hate it, or are you somewhere in the middle like me?


like it // love it:
Miles Desk Lamp by Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co

I’m introducing a new feature on the blog today: like it // love it! You know when you find a lamp, a piece of art, or a dress you like, but it’s out of reach, because it’s either only available to the trade, or it’s too expensive? Well, with like it // love it, I’ll help you find a similar item you will love even more than the original, because it’s accessible and less expensive.

To start us off, we have the Miles Desk Lamp by Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co, which we like at $275, and its lookalike the Threshold Gold Take Lamp by Target, which we love at only $49.99!

like it love it

A couple of things to keep in mind with like it // love it:

  1. “You get what you pay for.” I will only select pieces I feel confident recommending, but, remember, with a lower price point often comes lesser quality. Both featured pieces are fabulous, so determine for yourself which is more important: quality or aesthetic (or both!).
  2. While I think it’s wrong to steal someone else’s design, I also believe we are creatively inspired and influenced by everything around us. I dare to say, nothing is original but rather everything is a result of something else. Newton’s law of conservation states that energy/matter cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed. (If you don’t already know, I am a science and word nerd.) So, yes, these posts will expose the copycats, but they will also honor the “originators.”

Hope you enjoy this new feature! Let me know if you have an item that needs a less expensive alternative.